Heat Transfer – Why Do We Get Cold?

Heat Transfer – Why Do We Get Cold?

At Clo Insulation, we understand the science behind heat transfer. We know that our garments need to be breathable, insulated and warm, so that they can prevent our wearers from becoming cold, even in the bitterest of conditions. This is why our outdoor thermal fabric...

Breathable Active Wear Insulation

At Clo Insulation, our outdoor fabric garments combine warmth and maximum breathability to ensure the best possible product for our customers. We understand the science behind breathability and only ever use the highest quality insulating material in our garments. The...

The Vivo Concept

Our Vivo concept is a simple yet effective innovation that revolutionises the way clothing insulation works. Predominantly used in our Clo Teknica range, the Vivo concept helps to create high-performance insulation that is just the right combination between warmth and...

Highly Breathable Insulation
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