At Clo Insulation, our outdoor fabric garments combine warmth and maximum breathability to ensure the best possible product for our customers. We understand the science behind breathability and only ever use the highest quality insulating material in our garments. The breathability of our garments enables the rapid transmission of moisture vapour from the body, through the material and to the outside environment. Consequently, the wearers of our garments are able to remain cool and comfortable during any physical exertion.

What makes your garments breathable?

At Clo Insulation, we understand how fabrics breathe. As water can move both directions through a fabric, moisture is sometimes not able to escape quickly enough, which leaves the wearer with a damp and uncomfortable feeling. Furthermore, humidity is frequently of a higher percentage on the inside of a jacket than the outside. This means it is fundamental that the insulation of a garment is truly breathable.

Our breathable material allows for moisture to quickly leave the garment without producing the damp and uncomfortable feeling that comes with more traditional, non breathable active wear insulation. Through extensive research, we have developed our unique Triad of Comfort, which certifies the breathability and subsequent comfort of all our outdoor clothing fabric. Our thermal materials reduce the uncomfortable results of excess sweat produced during activities of high intensity in low temperature conditions. Combining warmth, softness and breathability, the Triad of Comfort culminates in the perfect trio of insulation attributes. It allows for the preservation of the wearer’s constant body temperature in both cool and warm conditions, during any level of physical activity. The unique amalgamation of all three qualities make for thermal insulation fabric that is the perfect balance between breathability and warmth.

Our innovative Vivo technology also plays a major role in enhancing the breathability of our garment insulation. The small holes within the fabric improves the breathability of the material because it allows for the complete free flow of moisture, without lessening the thermal performance of the clothing.

How do you test breathability?

We regularly measure the breathability of our garments by using a Moisture Vapour Transmission Rate (MVTR). This details the speed at which moisture can pass through a fabric. We undertake meticulous laboratory testing to ensure that our products perform to the relevant European standards. As there is no industry standard for testing breathability, we have invented our own unique tests to guarantee the best breathable fabric for our garments. These tests include the upright cup method, the desiccant inverted cup method and evaporative resistance. For further details about our breathability tests, click here.

At Clo Insulation, we combine our trusted processes, scrupulous testing and patented components to produce high-performance, breathable insulation fabric, which rapidly moves unwanted moisture to keep the wearer warm and comfortable. Our dedication to improving the breathability of our garments can be seen, felt and experienced in the quality of our products. For any other information about our products, feel free to browse our range, or contact us with any queries.