Clo® i-fibre insulation

The Clo® Insulation product range provides the perfect balance between breathability and warmth across all types of applications to maximise and enhance product performance.

Clo‑i fibres have a unique shape which effectively combines all the properties of current insulation fibres and creates a unique all-in-one solution for a superior clothing insulation material.

With insulation products suited to fashion, country and sports clothing, our breathable insulations offer a unique and great experience, bringing about a truly noticeable difference.

Clo® Univa

The all-time classic of insulation giving high loft, stable structure and warmth.

Clo® Univa Duo

An insulation that provides high loft, softness, flexibility and warmth inside your garment using a mix of the unique Clo‑i fibres.

Clo® Univa N

Compact and stable creating a low loft insulation for high compression areas.

Clo® Teknica

Benefit from the unique Clo‑i fibre construction to have the edge in breathability and warmth creating great comfort.

Clo® Teknica Vivo

The unique Clo‑i fibre construction with Vivo concept to maximise breathability giving the triad of comfort experience.

Highly Breathable Insulation
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