Garments That Are Insulated and Breathable
At Clo Insulation, our unique garment material is both insulated and breathable. This combination guarantees high-quality clothing, with high-performance results. Our insulation fabric is specifically designed to keep you warm, comfortable and dry, throughout all physical activity, and all weather conditions.
We believe that every person should be able to undertake physical exercise, without having to worry about the quality or warmth of their clothing. This is why all of our insulated, breathable insulations, are designed to ensure the maximum comfort of the wearer.

Our unique designs are made up of Clo-i fibres and other patented components, which constantly work to rapidly move moisture away from the body, to the outside environment. This ensures that the wearer of our insulation fabric is kept warm, snug and dry, throughout any level of physical activity.

Maintaining an individual’s warmth and body temperature occurs as a direct result of our high-quality clothing insulation. Coupled with the breathability of our fabric, Clo Insulation can help your company create active wear garments that are truly world class. Our insulated and breathable high-spec materials will not only help to prevent sweating, but will also ensure that any excess moisture that does materialise, has no restrictions on leaving the body quickly and smoothly.

How Do You Guarantee Breathability?

At Clo Insulation, we have unique processes that ensure the maximum breathability of our fabrics. Our innovative design, the Triad of Comfort, makes certain that our garments are both insulated and breathable.

The Triad of Comfort involves the amalgamation of what we believe to be three key concepts that are essential to any good quality active wear garment. These are; Warmth, softness and breathability.

Individually, all of these attributes are useful. However, when they unite together, they create the perfect combination for amazing insulation fabric that prevents excess sweat, controls the body’s temperature and is soft and warm to the touch.

To ensure that our garments are always comfortable and breathable for the wearer, we also test them extensively, using a Moisture Vapour Transmission Rate (MVTR). This helps us to analyse the time it takes for moisture to pass through a fabric and evaporate into the outside environment. To get a better understanding of the science behind the breathability of our clothing, click here.

Our Different Insulation Ranges

We have numerous different Clo insulation ranges that are available for you to choose from. These include:

Clo Univa
Clo Univa Duo
Clo Univa Eco
Clo Univa N
Clo Teknica
Clo Teknica Vivo
Clo Veluti
Clo Veluti Vivo
Clo Veluti Pluma

All of our individual insulations have their own unique qualities. Several of our insulations are more suitable for garment clothing, whereas some are designed specifically for high compression areas, such as footwear. At Clo Insulation, we strive to make insulated and breathable clothing insulation that can be effortlessly transformed into warm, comfortable active wear garments for your brand. To find out more about which insulation would best suit your company’s needs, please feel free to contact us with any questions.