Introducing Clo Insulation’s new Vivo Outdoor Insulation.

Vivo Outdoor is bringing performance closer within range. This insulation is made from recycled fibers, with a unique pattern of perforation throughout that increases it’s breathability by up to 15%, bringing superior comfort and performance to any outerwear garment you use it in.

Manufactured in Europe, this quality insulation has holes set within it that allow moisture to easily escape when the wearer is active whilst remaining small enough to trap air and provide excellent warmth for when the wearer is inactive. Putting this insulation in any outwear product will improve your user’s performance, thanks to Vivo Outdoor’s excellent breathability during use.

Vivo Outdoor gives your garments the edge in performance that they need to stand out from the rest in the next coming season of developments.

To watch our Vivo outdoor video, click this link: