When FlexiTog approached us to help them design and make a jump suit thermal layer for The Irish Wingsuit Team we jumped at the chance.

During April 2017 the team were looking to challenge 4 World, 8 European and 8 Irish Records with a high altitude skydive in Davis, California, exiting an aircraft at 33,000ft. Due to the great altitude of the jump the team of three, David Duffy his brother Stephen and Marc Daly, would be subjected to extreme temperatures as well as a whole host of other challenges.

Irish Wingsuit Team

Some of the conditions we were told we would have to help combat with our thermal layer were:

• Freefall time approx 8 mins;
• Speed on aircraft Exit approx 518 Kph;
• Temperature at 33000ft – Minus 55 degrees Celcius;
• Wind Chill at 33000ft+ – Minus 96.9 degrees Celcius;
• Military Grade oxygen will be used (Bottle lasts 10 Mins);
• Parachute opening height (Below standard 3000ft);
• The team were expecting extreme fatigue during the flight.

This was the ideal project for us to show just how great our insulation really is. Within just four weeks we managed to help supply the perfect solution.

“The suits are everything we imagined . . . they were seriously warm and made the ride up in a squashed aircraft very tough. In other words they are 100% fit for purpose.”David Duffy