Following the success of our recent involvement in the Irish Wingsuit Team’s thermal layer word has got around.

FlexiTog contacted us once again, after hearing from Fraser Corsan, who plans to jump from 42,000 feet! He will be travelling up in a high altitude air balloon and while the balloon climbs he will be exposed to temperatures of -70°C for around 1 hour 15 minutes and when he jumps he will be aiming to reach 250 mph – that’s a calculated wind chill of -137°C.

A second suit was needed and again FlexiTog and Clo Insulation joined forces to create the lifesaving thermal layer.

Fraser not only aims to beat four wingsuit world records in two jumps but also raise funds for SSAFA the Armed Forces charity. The four records Fraser is after are:

Highest Altitude Wingsuit Jump (currently 37,265 ft)
Longest Time Spent Flying (currently 9:06 mins)
Highest Speed (currently 234 mph)
Furthest Distance (currently 19 miles)

Fraser intends to attempt the first record breaking jump on 17th May 2017 and has back up weather days till the 1st June.

“Firstly a massive thank you to you all, you are the team that makes the jumps possible . . . “ – Fraser Corsan