Our Vivo concept is a simple yet effective innovation that revolutionises the way clothing insulation works. Predominantly used in our Clo Teknica range, the Vivo concept helps to create high-performance insulation that is just the right combination between warmth and breathability.

How does the Vivo concept work?

The Vivo concept works by introducing thermal material that has small sets of holes embedded within the fabric. The holes are a unique size, big enough to make a difference, but small enough to prevent the circulation of unwanted air. This increases the insulation properties of the fabric as the air is essentially trapped by the holes. Consequently, moisture can escape through the insulation and away from the body much faster than before. With the Vivo concept, the insulation fabric is no longer performing as a barrier to body moisture escaping. Instead, Vivo greatly enhances the breathability of a garment, without detracting from its thermal performance.

The Vivo concept works in conjunction with another of our ideas, the Triad of Comfort. This involves the combination of three key attributes to thermal insulation: Warmth; Softness and Breathability. The triad of comfort, working simultaneously with the Vivo concept, allows for the creation of active wear clothing that is the true zenith of comfort and breathability.


Where can I see the Vivo concept?

Clo Teknica Vivo is our principal range that incorporates the Vivo concept, resulting in the very best performance wear clothing. The insulation includes Clo-i fibres, among others, which creates a fabric that is soft and warm. The insulation is highly breathable due to the Vivo concept and has minimum migration. It is also water repellent. In addition to all these amazing qualities, the insulation fabric in this range is put through a process which heats and seals the fabric on either side to decrease the amount of migration even further. The Clo Teknica Vivo range can be applied and used in many outdoor clothing garments, including country clothing, sports clothing and performance garments, to name a few.

How do you test the breathability of the Vivo concept?

We have many tests that measure the breathability of our Vivo concept insulation. These include the upright cup method, which involves testing the fabric in a wind tunnel. Another one of our tests is the desiccant inverted cup method, which involves a solution of potassium acetate which generates humidity and is then tested against a fabric. Furthermore, our evaporative resistance test guarantees breathability by measuring the amount of power it takes to heat a plate when water vapour is evaporating from the surface of said plate. All three of these tests mean that we are positive our insulation incorporate the perfect combination of warmth, comfort and scientifically tested breathability.

Our Vivo concept insulation has been meticulously tested and the results show an increase in the breathability of garment insulation by over 30% compared to previous, non-modified fabrics. To request a sample of the Teknica Vivo, or any of our other ranges, feel free to contact us.