At Clo Insulation, we champion new ideas and creative thinking. We have fashioned our innovative Vivo Concept, which was a light bulb moment in our development team. Our Triad of Comfort, commitment to breathability and extensive testing, all contribute to our expertise in the clothing insulation field. With our high-quality insulating material, we can transform your outdoor clothing products and ensure that your garments provide truly first-class comfort.

How can Clo Insulation improve my garments?

It is more than likely that many of us have been in a situation where we are shivering cold, wet and uncomfortable, wishing that our chosen jacket was doing more to keep us warm and dry.

The most important part of this jacket though, is without a doubt, its insulation. This can sometimes be overlooked or dismissed, assumed to be just a given part of any garment. However, this is not the case. With the right insulating material, your brand’s garments can be transformed from average, to spectacular.

At Clo Insulation, we have various tested technologies that ensure our thermal fabric will keep you warm and dry during cold and wet weather, and cool during the heat.

Can Clo Insulation guarantee breathability?

A majorly important factor in the clothing insulation industry is the level of breathability that an insulated material fabric can boast. At Clo Insulation, our bespoke Concept Vivo technology allows for the free flow of moisture in our jacket insulation, which results in a major increase in breathability.

The unique sets of holes embedded within our fabric, mean that our insulation no longer acts as a barrier to moisture escaping, as is often the case with non-breathable insulation.

Our Vivo concept not only promotes breathability, but has a unique 4-way stretch and rapid recovery action. This means that our bespoke insulation can be used with the highest-quality performance fabrics to create sportswear, country clothing and fashion items, that rival the very best on the market.

You can find out for yourself just how impressive our Concept Vivo is, by watching this video.

How do you ensure that your insulation is warm and soft?

As a clothing insulation specialist, we know that our outdoor fabric not only needs to be breathable, but also extremely soft and warm to ensure maximum comfort. After all, nobody wants a jacket that makes you feel cold, or that has a rough and uncomfortable texture.

This is why we have fashioned our Triad of Comfort, a way in which we can guarantee that all of our thermal fabrics are soft, warm and breathable.

The Triad of Comfort is a unique concept that underlies all of our insulation ranges. At Clo Insulation, we are proud of what we do, and truly believe that these three attributes are what make up the world’s best jacket insulation.

Try our thermal insulation for yourself, by either contacting us or requesting a sample today.