The Clo® Insulation product range provides the perfect balance between breathability and warmth across all types of applications to maximise and enhance product performance.

Vivo increases the breathability of the insulation by up to 30%. With insulation products suited to fashion, country and sports clothing, our Vivo insulations offer a unique and great experience, bringing about a truly noticeable difference.

Clo® Eco Vivo

The same environmentally friendly insulation as Univa Eco with the added benefit of Vivo concept giving extra breathability.

Clo® Teknica Vivo

The unique Clo‑i fibre construction with Vivo concept to maximise breathability giving the triad of comfort experience.

Clo® Veluti Vivo

The ultimate in performance. This insulation is super-breathable, light weight with a luxury hand-feel giving the perfect balance between breathability and warmth.

Clo® Natural Vivo

The most sustainable insulation yet. Merino wool fibres provide excellent temperature regulation as they are composed of a natural protein called keratin, similar to that of human hair though are around three times finer.

Highly Breathable Insulation
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