Clo® Natural Vivo


The perfect balance of sustainability and performance. This merino wool insulation is incredibly breathable, and provides excellent temperature regulation to keep you warm and comfortable.



Clo® Natural Vivo


Our most sustainable insulation yet. Merino wool fibres provide excellent temperature regulation as they are composed of a natural protein called keratin, similar to that of human hair though are around three times finer. These unique fibres allow tiny air pockets to trap your body heat, keeping you warm and comfortable on cold and wet days. Coupled with this we have applied the Vivo process to add the unique 30% increase in breathability to further promote the comfort of Natural Vivo. Our blend has 30% merino wool fibres and 55% recycled fibres.

Merino wool originates from a particular breed of sheep that is traditionally reared in harsh weather conditions where most regular sheep could not survive.Therefore, the wool is a natural guard from extreme conditions that provides many unique benefits that synthetic wool cannot provide.

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Vivo Concept


30% wool

Typical Applications

Fashion Garments

Country Clothing

Sports Clothing

Highly Breathable Insulation
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