We all know the feeling of waking up on a bitterly cold winter morning, wishing we could stay in our warm bed and press the snooze button just a few more times. Contrast this to a bright and sunny summer day and many of us would feel more motivated to get up and about a bit sooner. But have you ever thought about why we feel this way?

At Clo Insulation, we have. As it turns out, our mood can be affected by the weather and temperature in more ways than one.

Being warm can impact the mood of a person in a variety of ways, but generally speaking, warmth and sunlight tend to be associated with positivity.

Seasonal affective disorder, or SAD for short, occurs when an individual finds that their mood drastically changes with the seasons. This usually results in a person becoming more pessimistic and potentially even depressed, throughout the cold winter months.

It has been proven that regular exposure to sunlight can trigger chemical reactions in our brain that make us feel more awake, happy and energetic. So, with this in mind, it makes sense that being warm can also influence our mood in a positive way.

It is also worth noting that in winter, our immune systems are often working harder to keep our bodies warm. This means that energy is being diverted away from our daily activities, which could explain why many people feel more lethargic and demotivated during colder weather.


Ways to Keep Warm in Cold Weather


As being warm generally seems to positively impact our mood, it is important to try and upkeep body temperature during cold weather and long winter days.

Abide by the following top tips to ensure that when the outside temperature drops, your motivation and happiness levels remain the same.


  • Layer – wearing an under-layer is an easy way to stay warm when getting out and about in winter. By utilising several layers, you’ll also be able to remove one or two if you happen to find yourself overheating.
  • Wear the correct clothing – breathable thermal fabric is the best possible material for your outdoor active wear clothing, especially if you want to remain warm, dry and comfortable. Take a look at our variety of insulation ranges for more information.
  • Exercise – this one might sound obvious, but moving around burns energy which will in turn, create heat and help you to feel warm. Always remember to check the weather before you head out though, as exercising in extreme conditions could potentially be dangerous and cause unintended injuries.

At Clo Insulation, we design all of our outdoor clothing products with your warmth, comfort and happiness in mind. Our variety of insulating thermal fabrics contain unique Clo-i fibres which continuously deliver high-loft, stability and warmth.

If you have any queries, or would like to request a free sample of our insulation fabric, feel free to get in touch today.