The difference between Vivo and Vivo Perforated

We’ve just launched our warmest and most breathable insulation yet. Achieving outstanding results in warmth and breathability, this insulation is currently available in two options: Vivo and Vivo perforated. So what's the difference?

Our base insulation – Vivo synthetic – is a high performance insulation combining breathability and warmth with luxury touch. Officially designed and developed for military apparel, Vivo provides a consistently high warmth value whilst excelling in breathability. Its washable composition ensures suitability for the most technical insulated clothing ensembles. With 80% recycled composition, this is also a sustainable insulation for your apparel.

With all the benefits of Vivo, Vivo Perforated has the additional feature of patented perforations (holes within the insulation) which increase the breathability of the insulation by an additional 30%! This unique technology allows moisture vapor to move away from the body so the wearer can remain comfortable. The apertures are big enough to allow moisture vapor to escape, yet small enough to retain the warmth, providing the perfect balance between breathability and warmth.