Highly Breathable Insulation

We innovate and combine unique, patented components and processes to create insulated materials that move moisture and keep people warm and comfortable. Our insulation can be used by your brand to create truly exceptional insulated clothing.

Keeping people warm is easy, but keeping people warm and comfortable means creating high-spec materials to prevent sweating in high‑activity low‑temperature situations.

We produce high-performance insulation that is breathable and can be combined with breathable fabrics to create luxuriously warm and comfortable garments.

This combines with the most attractive, suave and aesthetically pleasing branding and ticketing to enhance our customers’ garments.

The startling truth about ‘breathable’ garments

If you’ve ever exerted yourself in low-temperatures whilst wearing a padded or outdoor garment, it’s highly likely that your body overheated, resulting in you becoming hot, sweaty and uncomfortable. Then, when your activity slows, your body cools but the dampness remains. The ‘warm’ garment you put on to protect from the cold has become your enemy, leaving you cold, sweaty and even more uncomfortable.

Heat generated by your body to keep you warm is effectively trapped by any insulation, but true comfort only comes about if it is breathable insulation.

Is your garment giving you the optimum breathable performance?

Early in 2016, Clo® Insulation discovered an astonishing fact when researching on the insulation breathability. Contrary to popular belief, insulation in most padded garments is actually a barrier to moisture leaving the garment. Manufacturers were going to great lengths to improve the breathability of the outer and lining fabrics of their garments yet the insulation was inhibiting the performance of the garment rather than enhancing it.

For a garment to be completely breathable it is important that each and every layer is allowing moisture to travel away from body heat thus altogether escaping the garment and evaporating. Through extensive research, we found that usually what happens in a garment is that when moisture is generated, it travels unhindered through the first layer of a jacket only to get trapped in the insulation thus becoming a major source of discomfort due to moisture build-up.

changes everything

We have developed Vivo, an entirely new insulation technology which enhances breathability without compromising the level of warmth required for garments worn in low temperatures.

Why sweat is the main reason for human failure in low temperature conditions

If the perfect balance between breathability and warmth is not achieved, the human body will sweat and ultimately lose temperature.

Hypothermia occurs when the human body loses heat faster than it can produce it, and when core body temperature drops below 35º C. The average body temperature is maintained at around 36½ºC.

Ways in which the human body can get cold

Radiation to a cold environment

Conduction through contact with cold surfaces

Convection from wind and water currents

Evaporation of moisture

For a garment to be truly breathable, all layers including the insulation must be breathable.

The combination of wet clothing and cold weather rapidly causes body heat loss. Therefore, when out in cold climates, engaging in activities that cause profuse sweating, it is a key priority to make sure clothing is highly breathable so that one doesn’t become soaked in sweat.

Research and development

At Clo® Insulation we are always innovating and preparing for the next great product to take to market. Product development is taken to extremes to achieve the best possible results in breathability and warmth.  After long periods of testing and developing with Universities, we have launched our breathable insulations on the market maintaining a perfect balance between warmth and breathability.

Highly Breathable Insulation
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