3 Award-winning Insulations You Need this Season 

We’ve worked hard for all of our awards. Covering content, creation and ultimately performance (shout out to our research and development team), there’s a whole range of them.

We held a poll and here’s the 3 favorites...

Vivo Performance: Eco recycled polyester insulation with holes 3D render eco friendly

Vivo Recycled

This is our all-rounder, the all-time favourite. Taking prizes for recycling, upcycling and sustainably sourced content, it’s fair to say that it’s environmentally-friendly. Not to mention its performance with perforations. Increasing breathability by 30%* without losing warmth, Vivo Recycled gives an advantage to your activewear apparel.

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Vivo Extreme: Eco sample A4 cutting recycled stretch polyester insulation with holes on a hanger


With all the benefits of Vivo Performance: Eco plus 4-way stretch, it’s no wonder Vivo Extreme: Eco features here. The ultimate breathable insulation choice for technical apparel which needs to function while in action.  

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Pluma: Eco sample 3D render puffy fiber cloud with blue square behind

Pluma: Eco

You’ve probably seen our Pluma: Eco before. A 100% recycled synthetic loose fill insulation used as an alternative to down and feather, it boasts luxury comfort and superior warmth.
Add in vegan and budget-friendly, what more do we need to say?

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