Clo Insulation | Sioen

Clo Insulation have partnered with Sioen, with our perforated insulation to provide to optimal thermal comfort within this garment

This insulation jacket is a high end recent 2023 prototype from SIOEN. It has been designed especially to give the military users in the Mountains an optimal protection against cold and an optimal sensation of comfort at the same time. It's well known that military users working in the mountains doing different tasks between static control and high intensive battle are suffering under these environmental harsh conditions with lethal risks. SIOEN’s innovative jacket will improve this with an increase of duration of use without any risk on survivability.

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SIOEN applies besides body-mapping of perforated insulation also the use of different weight of insulation on different places on the body to make sure that the thermal comfort is optimal on every part of the garment . Also the other materials must be as breathable as possible.
The quality of the membrane is very important. SIOEN used a high quality monocomponent PTFe membrane which protects also against precipitation. And we used a quick drying Coolmax® lightweight mesh lining at body side